Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIY: The Perfect Cut-Off Denim Shorts

Want to look totally 'now' this spring?  Put away your wallet.  For guys and gals alike, the most coveted wardrobe item this spring are the cut-off jean shorts.  I have been seeing these everywhere: over tights, bare leg, with booties, with sandals, for day, for night.  So, banish your belief that these are for the trailer park and tramp stamp set.  Pair with a tee, cardigan, and great bag for day or anything dark with sparkle for night.  Just stay away from making them too short.

Here's how to make the perfect pair:

1- Find the pair to sacrifice. My vote is anything hanging out in your closet with a flared leg or major distressing that screams, not that I have anything like that in my closet.  Stay away from high-waisted unless you want to look like you have the longest bum in the world and an enormous fupa.

2- Put them on and mark an inch below each knee.

3- Cut each leg just above the pencil marking.  I recommend kitchen shears.

4- Try them on between each cutting.

5- Keep cutting an inch or two off at a time until you like the length and both legs are even.  Remember---you can never make them longer.

6- Go outside and get some sun on those pasty stems!

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