Wednesday, April 14, 2010

J. Crew Wedding Walks the Aisle Down Madison Ave.

Gentlemen, I hate to break it to you, but for most unmarried ladies you are the last piece needed for the wedding puzzle to come together.  I have friends who have been tearing pages out of magazines for years in anticipation of their red carpet---or er, white carpet--moment.   

And as a lady I know it is all about the dress.  Lucky for us fab on a budg set, J. Crew will be opening a special bridal atelier on May 27th at 66th and Madison Avenue in NYC.  Up until now dresses have only been available online (or by appointment only at a handful of stores around the country), and while I love shopping their final sales, I have always found myself saying, "Ya, they look great, but I want to try them on....and I don't want my wedding dress to arrive via UPS in a cardboard box with plastic wrap."  Problem solved.  Ok, back to the dresses.  I am endlessly impressed with their simple yet classically sophisticated designs which are sure not to induce any pointing and laughing by grandkids looking at wedding pics later down the line.  Dresses range from under $500 to $3,000 or so, and with the wide range of styles and color options available you can outfit your entire wedding party (and find looks that compliments the spectrum of body types--and budgets--your besties have).  Now, if I can just find that man...

PS - I think one of my fav bridal moments of all time is how Lauren Santo Domingo had Olivier Theyskens scissor her dress off to cocktail length mid-reception so she could dance the night away.  Completely fabulous.  And hey, you are only going to wear it once anyways.


  1. love your site. btw it was olivier theyskens that made lsd's dress, not zac posen--kind of a big diff in the fashion world.

  2. Dear Reader, you could not be more correct! I must have had Posen on the brain with his Target launch. And yes, they are very far away from each other on the fashion spectrum....and I love Olivier's work. How did I make such an awful faux pas? Bon weekend!


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