Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lady or a Tramp?

What is the #1 way to be completely chic, sophisticated, and utterly charming?  I'll give you a won't cost you a single cent.  Give up?  Simple as it sounds, it's to act classy.  And, I don't in any way intend for you to turn into Betty Draper, nor do I claim to be Miss Manners.  But, a lady is pulled together, witty, never loses her cool, and ultimately polite to those around her.   In this rampant age of celebrities behaving badly, j.b.f. hair, and sexting, a little lady-like behavior will easily throw you into that upper eschelon of chic.

Are you a lady or a tramp?  In honor of his new book, Classy, take Derek Blasberg's classy quiz on

Want to up your classy quotient?  Start today with these 10 things.

1- Say please and thank you.

2- Send thank you notes.  Mail is best, email is ok, texting is better than nothing.

3- Show just enough skin.  If you are showing a lotta leg, keep the arms covered and vice versa.

4- Learn to eat properly.  Nothing is worse than watching your dinner companion shovel food into their mouth like a caveman. 

5- Don't be a diva.  Nothing will make you look like pond scum faster than acting like a diva.  Be nice to waiters, greeters, hotel staff, etc.  Don't make their job any more difficult than it is.

6- Head home at 2am.  Trust me, the party has hit its peak, and you need your beauty sleep.

7-  Don't arrive at a party empty-handed.  Bring your host a little something: wine, ice, flowers, etc.

8-  Be punctual. There is a fine line between 'fashionably late' and 'rude late'.  Try to keep it in the former.

9- Be informed.  I am not talking about turning into a news junkie, but jump on the NY Times website, Huffington Post, or pick up some magazines to keep up with current affairs. (US Weekly doesn't count)
10-  Never lose your cool - The pen is mightier than the sword, so a witty blow is much more effective than a cat fight on the street. 

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