Friday, July 30, 2010

Road Trip! - Mystic, CT

Of all of the places I have lived, never have I seen people so excited to get the hell outta Dodge on the weekend than in New York City...especially in the summer.  There are Hamptons houses, Fire Island shares, Upstate country homes, and the list goes on and on.  I even had friends rent a house in Rockaway Beach (basically, the outskirts of Brooklyn) for a summer.  Anything to get away from the pizza oven of NYC concrete.

This past weekend was no different.  I was thrilled to be whisked away (via Greyhound bus--only $60 round trip) to the charming seaside town of Mystic, CT.  The S*C key to weekend getaways is to make friends (or friends of friends) with people lucky enough to have places to escape to.  The biggest cost of any trip is definitely the accommodations, so if you can knock that out your are in good shape.  Fueled by three days worth of Dark and Stormy's (Gosling's dark rum and ginger beer), seafood, and grilling out, we had an amazing time.  Highlights of our trip included shopping around at Antiques Ltd., slices at the Pizza Palace (Mystic Pizza = tourist haven), the antique boat parade, a wild night at the Pequot Inn on Fisher's Island, an amazing boat ride and lunch at The Oar on Block Island, a frightening ride back to Mystic in a storm, and all around chillling out.  I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures from our trip and get inspired to take your own quick jaunt.  Bon weekend! 

Our lovely view from the balcony.  Hello Mystic River!
Antiques, Ltd. in Stonington, CT
The Pequot Inn on Fisher's Island
The Pequot Inn's Saturday Night Fever style dancefloor!
The breakfast spot: The Green Marble coffee house.
Costell's Clam Shack: Great Lobster rolls....and tuna salad for us stingies.
Time for lunch after the boat ride to Block Island, RI.
A frozen mudslide is a must on a sweltering afternoon at The Oar.
The Antique Boat Parade....Great view from the balcony!
The perfect S*C boat!
Photos by Barbara K. and Parker S.

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