Saturday, August 21, 2010

Desire/Acquire: Silk Camp Shirt

Maybe this is just me, but every now and then I see an outfit in a magazine or online, and it feels like it is burned into my brain.  It all started with Viviana Volpicella and her lovely blouse surrounding this gorgeous YSL day clutch, then morphed into a summer casual look from Carine Roitfeld featured on a few weeks ago.  Now I find myself scanning for the elements that will make this outfit happen.  This is where I am with the silk camp-style shirt I have been lusting over for the past few months.  Critical elements: two breast pockets with flaps, button down, roll-able sleeves (even better if there is a button enclosure to keep sleeve rolls in place), and neutral in color.  I have the white jeans, gold statement necklace, but the silk button down I have is too peachy and has ruffles (definitely looking for something with cleaner lines) and oxfords are a bit too tailored.  

Finally!  A shirt has been found!

The Silk Camp Shirt in Asphalt from Ann Taylor fills all my non-negotiables and comes in at $88.

In my opinion, this is a perfect outfit to transition into fall (yes you can wear white jeans after Labor Day).  Right now it's great with sandals or brown wedges/heels, then when fall hits I think it would work well with J. Crew's MacAlister Wedge Boots.  Enjoy!

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