Friday, August 20, 2010

Man of the Month: Michael Kors

I feel like I am seeing Michael Kors everywhere this month!  Not in person (that would be incredibly cool), but I've run into him in New York Magazine's Fall Fashion Issue, Vanity Fair, and I just watched an amazing documentary on him via Hulu.  For years I thought Michael Kors was just the cat-tastic foil to Tim Gunn's verbose teacher type.  Though I loved him on Project Runway, I never really 'got' what he did.  I had a complete light bulb moment this week when I realized there was nothing to get:  Michael Kors makes wearable, classic, luxurious, all-American sportswear that flatters everyone....which is actually quite revolutionary.  He is not mister costume or creative, nor does he jump on any trend bandwagon--which we all know causes those 'what was I thinking' fashion moments later in life.  He knows his women, and he wants them to look jet-set classic whether they are in St. Tropez, St. Moritz, or St. Paul.  Enjoy!

ps- love Michael's mom! 

Park Avenue Jesus! (New York Magazine)


  1. You're right on about Michael - and thanks for commenting on Who What Wear's Rachel Zoe story.

    Who What Wear Intern

  2. I think he's never been as successful as Ralph or Calvin because he's not as clever with his licensing side. Just an impression.

    You have a great blog, by the way.

  3. I think his lack of licensing makes me like him even more. To know that he hasn't whored himself out to everything from stationary to bed linens is quite comforting.


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