Monday, August 9, 2010

Life's Petite Pleasures

Are you caught on the work-spend treadmill?  I stumbled upon a great article on the New York Times' website today called "But Will it Make You Happy?".  It's all about studies that show what really makes people happy and increases their quality of life.  Is it more money?  No, not really.  Not surprisingly, experiences as opposed to possessions are key ingredient in levels of happiness  Developing close relationships, traveling, appreciating life's small luxuries, and downsizing your lifestyle were components in creating a simpler and satisfying existence.  So, the next time you are debating whether to go on a shopping spree splurge or take a weekend jaunt with friends, you may want to hit the road instead of heading to the mall.  In the long run, you may just become a happier person.

Here are a few of my little luxuries I superbly enjoy.  What are yours? 
- The High Line in NYC
- Booking a vacation way in advance so I can look forward to it for months
- Buying flowers from the deli for my desk (especially tulips)
- Leftovers from a favorite restaurant
- Power walking like soccer moms with my friend Jess
- New socks/bath towels
- Water with cucumber slices
- Museums
- Skype-ing with Mom
- Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio even though I am a horrible dancer
- Taxi rides instead of the subway
- Reading my slew of magazines
- Having a Blackberry-free evening
- iTunes radio
- Pre-made Guacamole from Whole Foods

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