Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chic in Seconds: Perfecly Perky Ponies

Just looking at this ponytail roundup courtesy of WhoWhatWear.com makes me so jealous of these bang-less beauties!  Even raisin-faced Rachel Zoe is looking lovely since her face is seems more taut than in years past (so well-rested haha), and the picture of Elle Macphereson gets me uber excited about the forthcoming scarf season!  This is a perfect weekend look.  For a bit more glam tease hair at the top of your head and curl the ends.  Whatever you do, though, use neutral or clear hair ties or wrap a bit of hair around your fastener and secure with a bobby pin.  Voila!  Chic in seconds.

Image courtesy of WhoWhatWear.com

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