Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jump in a Jumpsuit

Call me crazy, but I am loving the jumpsuit makeup-artist Alice Lane wears as her 'work uniform' in October's Vogue.  I totally dig the simplicity and casual fit of the jumpsuit.  Neither does it scream ghetto/skin tight/J.Lo, nor does it look like something the super at your building would have on.  Paired with fun sandals (not sneakers), messy bun,  and a casual tote, this could be a look.  What do you think?  White jumpsuit after Labor Day, or save it for next summer?

 Word to the wise: When Googling to find a match use 'coveralls' and steer clear of anything called a 'playsuit'.   Alice purchases them at uniform stores.  Bingo!

PS - She is totally giving me a young Grace Coddington (one of my heroes) right now, and I love it!  I have even been inspired to throw my hair up in a top-of-the-head bun today. 

Check out Alice Lane's portfolio.

Image courtesy of Vogue.

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