Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Get Fired Up!

I am so excited about heading to D.C. this weekend to go to the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  Yes, I am one of many Americans in my age group who gets a healthy dose of their news from the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert (along with the NYTimes).  Hey, I'm a busy girl and if I can get news and laughs at the same time well count me in! 

So, I am packing for my jaunt this afternoon and am asking myself....what does one wear to a political rally?  Especially one whose sole purpose is to promote reason.  The obvious choices include comfortable shoes since I will be standing and walking around all day (very reasonable), and I guess nothing that constricts the arms too much since I will want them available for wildly shaking fists (or not since that wouldn't be very reasonable).  And on top of that I need some sort of Halloween costume to wear on Saturday night (throw reasonable out the window).

In all actuality, I am a master of the traveling arts with a black belt in packing.  I think it has been years since I checked luggage, and it helps that I have no problem with wearing the same pair of pants three days in a row (just change the tops and accessories!).  So here is the wardrobe rundown: 1 pair of pants, two shirts (one dressy one casual), one layering sweater, two undies, two pairs of socks, sleeping clothes, and one blond wig for my Halloween costume.  All this + what I am wearing on the megabus.  Many times I have been called "The Voice of Reason" by one of my best friends, and this weekend I get to express all my reasonableness loudly and proudly!

If you don't then no bitchin'!

Check out user-submitted rally signs at  So funny!

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