Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sh*t Just Got Real

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but the title of this post says it all--Shit Just Got Real.  The company I have been with for the past three and a half years has decided to wind it down and close up the shop.  I am not quite sure if it hasn't officially sunk in yet (it was one of those all-consuming ventures that involved years of blood, sweat, and a few tears), but a strange part of me is excited for the new opportunities that are coming my way.  As for Sh*tty-Chic, now things will get extra juicy.  I am going into Sh*tty-Chic hibernation/recession mode looking to squirrel away as much cold hard cash as I possibly can before the end of the year when my gig is up.  That is, outside of the week-long vacation to St. Bart's I planned six months ago.  One must treat themselves after hard work, and my grandfather says that you should go on the vacation of your life every other year.  Well, I haven't had a legitimate out-of-the-country-to-exotic-locale 7+ day vacation in more than four years so screw it!!  So, more to come soon, dear readers, and remember....Chin up!!

PS - Instead of the ubiquitous pink slip image I was planning on using, I decided to put my favorite thing in that shade of rouge--sure to brighten up any sour day.....a few bottles of pink!!

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