Monday, November 15, 2010

Jeans Shopping: 1st Pair Perfect - Levis Curve ID

There are few things I hate more than jeans shopping (maybe swimsuits...and bras).  To make matters worse, I have been super-spoiled in the past by having a friend who worked at Barneys Co-op and knew exactly which pair would flatter my pear shape.  Alas, he has moved elsewhere, and now I am left to fend for myself in the denim department.  So what inspired this need for jeans?  I scored an amazing pair of brown suede knee-high Chloé boots at the Warehouse Sale a few months ago, but I realized my current dark rinse denim (from the Gap) had a straight leg--the kind that bunches around the knees and resists kicking and screaming to be put inside a pair of boots.  The other option I had was a pair I purchased during a 5 month long running kick about a year ago that now look like leggings and feel like a sausage casing.  Needless to say, finding a new pair was tops on my to-do list this weekend.
Here was what I was looking for:
- Dark rinse: Absolutely no distressing, whiskering, or Jersey Shore-ing of any kind. 
- Plain pockets: I don't need any attention brought to my backside with flaps, bedazzles or studs.
- Fits into boots: So, a skinny leg.
- A bit of stretch: I hate it when jeans get 'soggy' after you have been wearing them a while
- Not too much stretch: Just say no to jeggings.
- Affordability: I'm going on vaca Saturday so this is a major factor.

This is a fairly tall order, and I was determined to settle for nothing less than exactly what I wanted.  I heard about Levis CurveID from a friend and an event in Bryant Park, so I thought the Levis store in SoHo would be stop #1 on my quest.  At a minimum, it would put me close to Barneys, Uniqlo, and Bloomindales if it was a bust.  The jist of CurveID is all about the shape of your butt: You can be a 28 waist and have a flat butt, curvy butt, or ghetto booty.  This is a cure for the one-sized-butt-fits-all sizing. 
Long story short: I took one pair to the dressing room (Demi Curve) and came out with my new favorite pair of jeans.  All requirements fulfilled for under $65!

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  1. THanks for catching that error!!!!! I just took an exam, but I love both novelists. Ah lol

    - Maria


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