Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cost-Con Curls: Infiniti by Conair

I have been blessed/cursed with poker-straight hair.  I got a perm in the 3rd grade, and I seem to remember it lasting all of about three weeks.  I have spent hours trying to curl my hair with conventional curling irons only for it to go flat within a few hours of leaving the house.  What's a girl to do with all these beachy waved beauties running about like Gisele, Lauren Conrad, or Blake Lively?  

Now that my hair is back to being on the longish side, I went to my old faithful method of "curling" it around a 2" flat iron.  This worked, but took forever and always left creases in my hair.  There must be a better way.  Then, I came across the The Bombshell 1" curling iron rod by Sultra which had dazzling reviews...and a $130 price tag.  NOPE!  I b-lined to Ricky's and found a similar model called Infiniti by Conair: Same barrel shape (although it tapers a bit at the end), same promise of no kinks, both have lightweight construction, and looked totally comparable.  And, the Conair had a price of $39.99.  Score.

I have had the Conair Infiniti for a few months now, and I am really loving it.  It took a while to get heat settings and timing down, but the lack of a clamp make things so much faster (PS - if you watch pros curl hair, they never start at the ends.  They start in the middle and feed the hair around the barrel of the curling iron.)  My curl lasts all day--and even most of the next which is a miracle within itself.  I highly recommend this product if you have been looking for sexy waves with less than stellar results.  

Sultra Bombshell - $130
Infiniti by Conair - $40

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  1. I have another friend that uses this thing, so after 2 recommendations I went and got it at Walgreens. It's awesome! Any tips on doing the back?


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