Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fleak Out at the Brooklyn Flea

Do you ever finally get around to doing something or going somewhere and think, "Why wasn't I doing this years ago?"  That is exactly how I feel about the Brooklyn Flea.  The 25th Street Garage flea market in Chelsea (which is for the most part way overpriced for the junk they peddle) doesn't hold a candle to the Flea, in my opinion.  While that market is like a garage sale on crack, the Brooklyn Flea houses some of the coolest little makers of treasures imaginable as well as the furnitury, vintagy, oldy stuff you expect.  Easy to get to by way of Manhattan, the flea is held every Saturday and Sunday in varying locations throughout the year: inside Skylight 1 Hansen in the winter and Dumbo, Williamsburg, and Fort Greene during warmer months.  And, be sure to come hungry because there are six or so vendors serving up delectable delights from artisan grilled cheeses, porchetta sandwiches, lobster rolls, to tacos.  Best weekend afternoon ever!  

Lovely light!
Bits and bobs
Help!  I'm trapped in a terrarium!
Pendants made of typewriter keys

Images by Barbara K.

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