Monday, February 14, 2011

Send Your Valentine Sweet Nothings Via Paperless Post

Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers.  Think of all the people you love: family, friends, pets, frenemies (whom you love to hate), bosses, roommates, etc.  The past two years I have sent Valentine's Day cards to my friends and fam, but this year I decided to get with the times and use  Don't tell anyone I procrastinated and missed the V-Day window, but I actually sent a ton of Christmas cards this year so I don't feel too incredibly horrible.  Either way....who doesn't love to get a little love on Feb. 14th!  I sent 25 e-cards (first 25 'stamps' are free with signing up), and had to purchase about $10 worth of 'custom coins'.  They had lovey dovey, modern, and fun cards (oh the choices!), and once I got started the process was very easy: Pick a card, write a message, type your peeps' email addresses, and you're off!  They also have tons of options for birthday's, thank you's, invites, save the date cards, and even wedding invitations.  I also love how the envelope 'opens' so there is a tiny bit of suspense. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and be sure to eat a cupcake today!  I will definitely be hitting up Magnolia or Billy's. ;-)


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