Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weekend Project: Blackboard Paint

Here's a nifty little weekend project.  I have a wall in my kitchen/living room that needed something.  I could have hung something lovely there, but the front door opens into it, and I was worried it would soon be knocked off.  And, it's a small room, so I'm trying to keep it fairly restrained.  Perfect solution: a painted blackboard wall.  I used Rust-Oleum's version in black, but I found many different colors and brands online.  It's cheap, I can doodle on it or write little notes to myself, and my roommate can draw a choice part of the female anatomy located between the arms (which he said he will most likely always do after he's had a few drinks).  Fair enough.  So, three days and $20 later, here we are.  Note: It takes four hours between the two coats then three days to fully cure, so a little patience is needed for this project.

All you need (+ chalk).
GREAT use for left over Christmas wrapping paper.
My victim.
Measure it out, and tape it off.
Two coats and three days later....
I used three little nails as a chalk ledge.

FYI: My wall is painted Benjamin Moore Jalapeno Pepper, which is unlike any jalapeno I've ever seen, but I love the fresh green just the same.

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