Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lush Lashes via Rapid Lash--It Works!

We have all been inundated with Brook Shields and her lovely lashes courtesy of Latisse, but guess what: Latisse is well over $100 for a 30-day supply and you need a prescription.  There must be a better (i.e. - easier and cheaper) way, and there is.  Last June my mother saw Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show raving about a product called Rapid Lash.  My mom, having sparse eyebrows and barely there lashes, was immediately intrigued.  She ordered two tubes online that week and has been using it nightly ever since.  Rapid Lash has same principle as Latisse: The product comes in a tube that reminds you of liquid eyeliner, and you draw a line of the gel directly on your lash line once a day and wait for the magic to happen.  It can also be applied to your brows to thicken them up.  When I went home for the Holidays my mom's eyelashes were soooo long.  My mom has never had long eyelashes!  Of course, I had to try this out for myself, and now I am totally hooked.  I have even noticed the lashes on my right eye are a bit longer than the left most likely because I apply to the right eye first and there must be more product on the wand.  Crazy right?  Anyway, Rapid Lash has received the official Shitty Chic seal of approval.  It normally sells for $50 on the Rapid Lash website, but there are plenty of listings on Amazon for $30.  Just think of all the hassle you will save yourself on fake venus fly trap lashes or its even creepier cousin....lash extensions!

 Lashes have no mascara on!


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