Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Revenge of the Nerds: Warby Parker

Glasses have made a huge come-back in the past year, especially nerd glasses.  The trend is so profound that I even see my friends whom I know have stellar vision wearing glasses with non-prescription lenses and many a sad fashion victim wearing frames sans lenses.  I have always prided myself on having great vision (hey, models can talk about their stellar skin and long limbs so why can't I gloat about my 20/15 vision?) but, I do admit a tinge of jealousy of having no real need to wear these amazing accessories.

While flipping through GQ's March issue (aka- porn for the more civilized woman--well dressed men = yum) I came across an amazing guide to large-framed statement glasses and how to pull them off without looking like a doofus.  Grab the mag or click here for all the tips, but what really caught my eye was a blip about a new eyeglass label called Warby Parker.  Scared to buy glasses over the internet?  Don't be.  Warby Parker will send you up to five frames to test at no charge.  Pick the one you love, mail them all back, and they will return your fav with your prescription lenses....all for a crazy affordable $95.  Yes, $95 for frames and lenses.  Insanity.  And it just gets better: for every pair of glasses sold, they will donate a pair to RestoringVision.org through their "Buy a Pair, Give a Pair" program.  When I went to their website I found both frames for men and women (over 30 choices for each), and they have a cool feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and test drive pairs online (see my inner nerd unleashed above).  Get on this!  

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