Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Perfect Boyfriend T-Shirt for Girlfriends

I feel like there are definitely three tiers to t-shirts: The Barney's level (James Perse, Splendid, and anything else charging $50+ for a basic tee), the American Apparel level (including Uniqlo and J. Crew), and the Hanes level (self explanatory).  I love t-shirts and wear them constantly, but I am not about to start populating my wardrobe with hundreds of dollars of high-end t''s just not the S-C way.  On the flip side, bottom rung tee shirts just make my skin crawl.  They look cheap, don't wear well in the wash, and look like you bought them in a 3-pack at Sears.  American Apparel has been my go-to tee outlet, but they really have only one shirt I love, and I am looking for something fresh for spring that shows a little more skin:  A lovely boyfriendy, but made for a lady t-shirt that has nice finishing and is not completely see-through (but maybe just a little).  Vogue's March issue has turned me onto a gem.  I spotted Daria Werbowy sporting the tee that meets all my 'musts'.  The Milla t-shirt from Market has a slouchy, boyfriendy feel with a deep v-neck and comes in four colors.  I will most likely stick to white and gray (because I am not allowed to buy any more black clothing for the rest of the year), and for a great price of $33 I can pick up two and not feel guilty.  I can't wait for mine to arrive.  Will report back.

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