Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breakfast at La Bonbonniere

I will say the one huge upside to having a gaggle of your friends out of town at once is found time.  Not that you ever lost it, but I always find having a bit of 'me' time is utterly amazing. I love to go exploring, try new places (instead of the old, worn out favs) and experience the sheer selfish joy of doing whatever the hell I want to do whenever the hell I want to do it.  Case in point:  I adore waking up early-ish on the weekends.  The city is just a completely different place before 11am.  They say it's the little things that make life wonderful, and I couldn't agree more.  Going out for breakfast is something I rarely treat myself to, but should definitely do so more often.  I woke up craving pancakes, and I knew just the place I wanted to test out.   I have walked past La Bonbonniere on 8th Ave. in the West Village a million times and have had a love affair from afar with the little diner.  After scoping out the farmer's market across the street on Hudson, I picked out a stool at the bar (my fav place to sit and watch the action) and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast...this is most likely the best $6.75 I will spend all week. 

Photos by B. Kratus

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