Friday, March 5, 2010

Reporting Live from Chateau Marmont!

Late, breaking news!  Sure I love watching Live from the Red Carpet and the Oscar telecast, but how would you like to get the dish before the dishers get the dish?  Four of my besties will be staying at the Chateau Marmont this weekend in Los Angeles.  Yes, that right....the most coveted hotel in all of LA is sure to be bursting at the seams with movie stars and all the 'Who's Who of Being Fabu' in town for Oscar festivities.  Two have even wrangled invites to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, so who knows what beans they will spill!  I have turned over the keys to the Shitty-Chic castle so they can mobile upload, status update, and tweet their hearts out via the Shitty-Chic Facebook fan page and Twitter @ShittyChic.  Wheels up for my crew at EWR...Chateau here they come!   

Shitty-Chic's Facebook Fan Page

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