Sunday, May 2, 2010

Insiders Guide for Outsiders - NYC Day 2

Friday was beautiful!  I felt like Ferris Beuller, except I did let my boss know I wouldn't be in.  In honor of the movie, I kept saying, "How can anyone be expected to work on a day like this?"  Then I would pan my eyes around the blue cloudless sky just like in the movie.  And, based on our activities it was more Ferris than ever.  No, we didn't have a vintage Ferrari to buzz around town in, nor did we crash a parade float, however, we did go to a museum and a baseball game.  So here is Day 2 of the insiders for outsiders guide to NYC.

- Head to Murray's Bagels for breakfast.  My bro's favorite is the cinnamon raisin bagel with maple walnut cream cheese.  No maple walnut in the house.  Bummer.
- It's Friday, so the Union Square Greenmarket is amazingly unpacked (the opposite of Saturday's) and we are able to see and sample tons of goodies.
- Up to Central Park on the subway.  We went exploring through the Rambles which really makes you feel like you are in the woods and not anywhere near NYC.
- Then we stopped by the Metropolitan Museum of Art for two hours or so.  The suggested donation is $20.  We gave them $5 each since we wouldn't be there all day.  The roof garden in the summer is a must: amazing views of the skyline and the bamboo jungle installation is very out of this world.
- Time for a snack! Whole Foods is easy, quick, tons of choices, and has a great view of Union Square.
- Back to the apartment for us to have a quick rest, change into some pants, and grab a jacket.  Head to the 4 train to go to Yankee Stadium!  It only takes 25 minutes on the train. :-)
- You always hear about how expensive Yankees tickets are.  I found our tickets on for about $30 each.  We were in the third deck, but due to the marvels of modern engineering you can't see anyone below your tier and feel really close to the field.  Perfect for watching the game and scarfing hot dogs and fries.
- Yankees win!  Baseball cap was purchased to commemorate my first Yankees game.
- Back to the apt on the D train (25 min!) and off to bed....

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