Monday, May 3, 2010

Insiders Guide for Outsiders - NYC Day 3

It's Saturday....but it feels like Sunday because of not going to work on Friday.  Don't you just love that feeling?  We were so tired from all the walking and Yankee-ing the night before that we ended up sleeping until 11am.  No problem---we are on vacation!  Saturday took us through a complete fest of gluttony: an entire day of delectable delights. I am most likely 10 pounds heavier from i, so thank goodness for all the walking we did this past weekend!

- Roll out of bed around 11 and get out the door by 12:30.  In hindsight this was perfect because there is no way we could have fit in breakfast on top of all the food we ate throughout the day.
- I discovered tickets to the Tastes of the East Village on  This is a great site for locals and visitors alike.  It is dedicated to deals on great stuff to do in NYC: yoga classes, eating events, boat cruise around Manhattan, etc.  If you are visiting NYC, sign up for their email about two months out and see if anything hits your inbox that tickles your fancy.  Back to the food tour: We went to five restaurants in the East Village, got a tasting of their signature dish at each one, explored the neighborhood, and tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.  
- Between restaurants 4 (cupcake and macaroon at Chicklicious) and 5 (sandwich at Baogette) we needed a breather and went to Washington Square Park to people watch, listen to live jazz, and veg.
- After our sandwich at Baogette it was back to the apt for a quick nap and on to dinner at Cucina di Pesce (glutton!) on E. 4th Street.  I had a friend in from London, so I had to soldier on and continue to nosh.
- Then it was on to Whiskey Ward on the Lower East Side for a friend's birthday (just a quick hello, happy birthday, hugs, muah muah).  Back to the apartment and off to dreamland.

Tomorrow: Batteries dwindling and heat/humidity rising!

My bro eating a lobster roll.  Originally uploaded by B. Kratus.

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