Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Insiders Guide for Outsiders - NYC Day 4

Ok, onto the fourth, and last, day of my little bro's visit.  The humidity was high, the allergies were awakened, and we were running on fumes.  What's a brother and sister duo to do?

- Back to Murray's Bagels for breakfast.  I usually don't take guests to the same place twice, however, my brother loves bagels, and we had to attempt maple walnut raisin cream cheese again.  Had my brother wanted something more savory, eggy, or pancakey, I would have gone to La Bonbonniere on 8th Ave. near 12th Street in the West Village.  
- Now we got to the 'touristy' part of the trip.  We got off the F train at Bryant Park (42nd Street) and wandered around, made our way up 5th Ave. to Rockefeller Center, laughed at people waiting in line to shop at Abercrombie, then headed to The Plaza to sit and chill by the fountain.  I recommend doing these things before noon on a Sunday after which it turns into a mob scene of out-of-towners.
- What's a hot, sweaty pair to do next? Head to Central Park: Lounge in the Sheep's Meadow, take pictures, and just sit on a bench and chill out.  At that point we had hit a wall--no more outside, no more walking.
- Let's go to the movies!  Be sure to take the bus somewhere during your stay: you get to see the neighborhoods transition and don't just pop out of the earth in an entirely new place like one does on the subway.  I think a great movie theater is Quad Cinema.  It's in the heart of Greenwich Village and is a total gem.  This way you can see a movie and not feel guilty you spent 2 hours inside.  It is a vintage movie house from before the time of stadium seating, Dolby surround sound, giant screens, and 3-D.
- Dinner at Westville, one of my favorite places.  Great sandwiches, salads, sides, etc.  YUMMM!  Delicious and laid-back, it is perfect for a Sunday night.
- Head to Hudson River Park for a post-dinner walk and to escape the heat.  Go out to the end of a pier;  it is 10 degrees cooler and will most likely have a view of the Statue of Liberty.
- Magnolia Bakery cupcake time.  My bro got two cupcakes, I had two iced molasses cookies, we shared a milk, all was right in the world.
- Heading back to the apt. we strolled through Washington Square Park and found the piano man playing in the middle of the fountain (of course it was turned off).  This guy is truly amazing.  He wheels around an upright piano and plays in the park during random times.  I've seen him weeknights, weekends, day, and night.  We sat for a solid hour and just listened to him play everything from The Postal Service, to The Beatles, to classical music.  Pure heaven.
- Bed time and to EWR in the A.M. 

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