Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aching for Inspiration in the A.M.

Some days I wake up in the morning and think it is going to take a sheer act of God for me to put in an effort to get dressed.  And, I don't mean dressed in a sense of just throwing on some clothes, but "dressed" in like you get invited to grab a drink with friends après work and don't have a panic attack thinking of having to run home to change.  Whenever I feel this dour mood upon me I immediately hop on my computer and head to the blog Jak & Jil shot by one of my favorite photogs, Tommy Ton.  It literally takes me 30 seconds of scrolling to get inspired, snipe a few looks I can pull together from my wardrobe, and get on with my day in a fashionable way.  Don't forget to check out the people in the background of his photos as well.  Many an outfit has been born from the side dish in the image.  His amazing photography has been a style savior on many occasions, and this morning is no exception.  This is a must bookmark!

Image courtesy of JackandJil.com and Tommy Ton

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