Friday, June 4, 2010

Keeping it Classy Poolside

I am in Houston for the wedding of a dear friend of mine this weekend, and while I was flying in I looked down over the neighborhoods and from my bird's eye view it seemed like everyone and their mother had a swimming pool.  A nonexistent luxury in NYC (if you don't count the beach/Hamptons/upstate house), I fondly remember spending entire summers swimming like a fish as a kid in Texas.  Unfortunately, the water is an easy place to let a little too loose.  So, enjoy the weekend, perfect your swan dive, and look fabulous while doing it! 

Keeping it classy at the pool or the beach:

1.  Swimwear - When in doubt go for the one-piece.  I would much rather be the hot girl covered up than the maven of the muffin top in a too-itsy bikini.  The one-piece is also my favorite look if I know I am going to a day long pool party because I can eat and drink all I want and don't have to worry about nip slips, rolls, and other hazards of two-piece suits.  The great thing is that there are tons of sexy (and budget friendly) one-pieces out there from J.Crew and American Apparel.

2.  Sunscreen - The more the better and reapply, reapply, reapply!  I am terrified when I look back on my former paper bag-like complexion from my Texas days.  And, thanks to Facebook stalking I can check out the photos of the tanorexics at my high school and see what overexposure does to you first hand.  Really, some of these girls look 5-10 years older because of their skin.  If you choose to roast yourself into George Hamilton it would be wise for you to start saving now for your future facelift.

3.  Wear a hat - Hats are totally 'now' whether they are glamorously shaped or quirky fedoras or trilbies, and they are a perfect accessory to your swimsuit.  Most importantly, you are probably cutting down on your future dermatology bills each time you wear one outside...and looking mighty stylish at the same time.

4. Paint your toenails - I always joke that the only thing cheaper in New York City is a mani/pedi.  Get one, or do it yourself.  It is no longer winter so get those peds in tip top shape.

5. Shave/Wax - This is a no brainer, and I don't need to go into it.

6. Towel - Trade in that ratty old beach towel.  Towels have a limited lifespan, and like getting new socks you are always ask yourself why you didn't do this sooner.  Don't feel like you need a chic Hermes towel for hundreds of dollars.  I love beach towels from Target.

7.  Beach Bag - This is a great opportunity to grow up a little and loose the backpack.  Spring for a proper canvas bag (monogram initials, or too preppy?) from LL Bean, Land's End, or I have even seen some great canvas totes at J. Crew illustrated by the one and only Richard Haines.  

8.  Bring something - Invited to a friend's house to spend the afternoon lounging poolside?  Don't arrive empty handed.  A bottle of rosé, a few bags of great potato chips, or fresh flowers will be truly appreciated.

Have a fabu weekend!

Photos by Slim Aarons

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